The Devotion of the Sea

Strong the waves that break upon the breast. Blue and white the trough and crest. Cold the wind that blows to test and moulds the sand before its rest. An Island and a beech to row. A well beneath where waters flow. Where winds and whispers softly blow. The naked Moon to wax and grow. The naked Moon to guide my oars. Her beams alight. My soul it soars. For this wide Sea's retreat's left dreams, distilled upon its shores.

❝ You called to me when poplars blew
And bowers were like a church ❞

❝ For here a body shaped in clay. To sleep and dream until the day
Of whispers passed in leafy boughs of Heaven and of Helluvel ❞

❝ The wind it whispers through the copse
Where is the girl that was our hope? ❞

❝ We have none but each other
The Hooguns - The Living ❞

❝ Oh whistling breeze through cracked carcass trees
And the other dead things that it rapes and it shaves ❞

A Story

The Poetry? The austerity of England. The Life harsh and brutal. The Earth unforgiving. Only the Moon can offer solace. This place is Myth and is Legend. The deep roots of our history, so distant now, are coiled, in places long forgotten under a twilight sky. There are monsters on this Earth. There are spirits of the Earth, beasts and heroes. We must not sleep this day. My Earth breathes and the light of day dreams of a time and of a coming where the night will kiss the setting sun and all the wonder of this world is born upon the shoulders of a man. And who is he? The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog. What are his possessions? The Vanitas. The crafts and culture of the Man and what objects can be possessed. The lute, the sword, the skull. All that can be had. Why does he follow the Moon? Who would not? She is beautiful and timeless. His words: All men are lost in this world. Give yourself up to the imminence of the Death and surrender yourself to the ocean and to the unremitting waves. Your father awaits. I go to prepare a place for you.

About the Author

Stuart William Dewhurst is a Poet from one of the ancient families of the British Isles. He is the natural heir to the spirit and craft of the Post Romantics and their successors, the great War Poets of England. Stuart has lived a life less ordinary. He spent his youth in poverty, under tyranny and oppression in the rotten heart of the North of England. During this period he made a deep study of the personalities, culture, lifestyle and values of the prevailing estate. Surviving the worst of the education system of the eightees and nineties he finally outran the enemy. Now he speaks out against the corruption of our institutions and exposes the reality of the dark underside of the urban counter culture. The institutions of our homeland are compromised and no longer work. The education system has been hijacked and attempts are being made to synthesise a new England based on moral fluidity and the abasement of knowledge. The Left have a big heart and it's empty. We need to return to the source of our history, of our culture and of our spirit. This Book is a celebration of centuries of English history and culture.

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